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Friends to International Students

Global opportunities abound as the FIS families open their homes and their hearts to the incredible international students that arrive at The University of Oklahoma.  The host family program represents Oklahoma hospitality.  Host families discover the world that comes to their door.  FIS welcomes all who are willing to enlarge their hearts and gain new friends.  Friendship between individuals from different nations enrich the lives of everyone involved. 

About Us...

More than 2,000 students from over 100 different countries study at The University of Oklahoma each year.  Impressions these students carry back to their homes are formed as much by their contact with local families as by information they acquire in the classroom.

The goal of Friends to International Students is to ensure that students enrolled from other countries at The University of Oklahoma come to know the Norman community.  This program attempts to enrich the life of the community by fostering mutual understanding and appreciation of people from other nations.  The Friends to International Students organization is an important addition to The College of International Studies and has as its prime objective, a happier life for every international student while living in Norman.