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K12 Engineering Education Outreach

The College supports activities towards increasing public awareness on the importance of engineering in improving their lives through media coverage on research breakthroughs and service learning activities such as the activities of Engineers without Borders.

Engineering Education is a strategic growth area in the College. Engineering faculty and students are actively engaged in promoting Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) in K-12 education. The ExxonMobil Lawrence G. Rawl Engineering Practice Facility has an observation deck for K-12 students to watch engineering students practice their skills.

Several CoE faculty are actively involved in K-20 Center activities. The center conducts research on interactive learning including learning in STEM fields. Other K-12 outreach activities in the college include:

P. Simin Pulat, Ph.D.

P. Simin Pulat

Associate Dean of Undergraduate Education
Howard and Suzanne Kauffmann Chair,
Associate Dean for Education

Office Phone: 405.325.2432
Fax: 405.325.7555
More Information: Curriculum Vitae

Sooner Saturday (sponsored by Prospective Student Services)

Engineering Open House for High School Students (sponsored by the Engineer's Club)

OEF Engineering Fair at the Science Museum Oklahoma, OKC (sponsored by CoE)

High School Girls Day (sponsored by the Society of Women Engineers)

Junior Day (sponsored by Prospective Student Services)