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Do you want to experience college while you are still in high school? START SOONER by applying to be a Concurrent Enrollment student at the University of Oklahoma. Here is a step-by-step process on how to apply.

Admission Process

Looking to take an online course this summer or fall? The HISTORY Channel Course: United States, 1865 to Present. This course combines professionally-produced and engaging video lectures with quizzes, discussion groups, and social interactions with students and the professor. 

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Check out this list of featured courses for Concurrent Enrollment students at OU. If the course you are looking for is not listed, browse our course catalog to find the course that fits your schedule. 

Featured Courses

Are you interested in living on campus and taking college courses for four weeks during the summer? Check out our Sooner Discovery program and amplify your Concurrent Enrollment experience at the University of Oklahoma. 

Sooner Discovery

The University of Oklahoma offers a special, discounted fee rate of only $80 per credit hour for Concurrent Enrollment students! If you are an Oklahoma senior who is eligible for concurrent enrollment, you can receive a tuition waiver from the state and only pay $240 for a three hour course!


Janux, OU's interactive online learning community offers courses for only $449, even for non-resident Concurrent Enrollment students. Find out more about the Janux courses offered Fall and Spring.

Janux Website


Want to get a head start on college classes? Through Concurrent Enrollment (CE), high school juniors and seniors can enroll in college classes and earn college credit while still in high school. Choosing CE allows you to explore areas of academic interest, challenge yourself and gain valuable experiences and college credit before you graduate from high school. Apply now for fall, spring, and summer classes!