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Art Museum Ambassadors


From the Curator of Academic Programs:


I am very excited about our fourth year as an official student organization through OU's Student Life. Since FJJMA is a university museum, students are our primary audience. We want every student to feel like this is their museum. I hope this student organization will give them an outlet to become more involved with the museum and its collections as well as programs. I am always open to ideas, questions, and concerns.


Jessica Farling

ama tour

What opportunities are there for Art Museum Ambassadors?


The meetings provide an opportunity for students to give ideas of how the museum could reach students of all disciplines, or how to reach students on campus in general. Through the Art Museum Ambassadors, you will have the opportunity to learn more about museums and meet some of the museum staff members. By promoting the museum on campus, many volunteer opportunities will arise for the Art Museum Ambassadors.

Some of these opportunities have included:

  • chalking on campus
  • placing table tents in the Union
  • giving away art posters on campus
  • attending special events, etc.


Art Museum Ambassadors will have the opportunity to give guided tours of the museum's permanent collection. The organization has six officer positions, which will be up for election every May.


When do the Art Museum Ambassadors meet?


The Art Museum Ambassadors meet monthly on week nights at 6 pm. The location will be announced soon. The meetings are listed on the calendar. For more information contact the AMA president, Taylor Jensen at



How do I join the Art Museum Ambassadors?


To become an official member, please fill out the volunteer form and send it to You will be added to the mailing list. To receive member benefits, you must be an active member. To become an active member, you must attend one meeting, one museum event, and volunteer once per semester.



AMA in Dallas

What are the benefits for being an Art Museum Ambassadors?


  • Active members receive a 20% discount in the museum store.
  • Each Ambassador will have the opportunity to silkscreen the logo onto a shirt.
  • Once a year, the Ambassadors take a daytrip to another museum for a special tour.
  • Being an Art Museum Ambassador is a great way to build your resume!



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