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Group Composite
Advertising Student


Advertising professionals create persuasive messages that are intended to inform consumers about products and services and persuade them to purchase the products. Traditional outlets for advertising messages include print magazines, newspapers, radio, television and billboards. The Internet and social media have created new and exciting formats for presenting advertisements.

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BEM Student

Creative Media Production 

Creative Media Production students learn to be storytellers using multiple digital media. Students create documentary films, radio programs, scripted entertainment, commercial productions, as well as music and sports magazine shows. CMP students also provide the technical support behind the camera and in the control room for the various programs on OUTV.

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Journalism Student


Journalism and newswriting are much more than just newspapers and television news. Journalists inform, entertain and educate the world through a variety of mediums including newspapers, magazines, radio, television and the Internet. Journalists are responsible for researching and writing their own stories in any variety of topic areas including finance, sports, entertainment and world affairs.

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Professional Writing Student

Professional Writing

The Professional Writing (PW) program at the Gaylord College will teach you the craft of writing fiction, short stories, magazine articles and screenplays. The Gaylord College PW program also provides students the practical instruction on how to market and publish your books.

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Public Relations Student

Public Relations

Public Relations professionals are experts at strategic planning, crafting messages and cultivating relationships with stakeholders and promoting public images. The Public Relations (PR) program at the Gaylord College will prepare you with tactical skills such as writing press releases and publication design, as well as the management-level functions of research, audience segmentation and strategic planning.

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