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Mewbourne College of Earth & Energy
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Areas of Interest

Geophysics, Structure and Evolution of the Lithosphere, Seismic Hazards, Continental Extension, Seismology

Katie Keranen

Katie Keranen

Assistant Professor

Ph.D., 2008, Stanford University
M.S., 2004, Stanford University
B.S., 2001, Michigan Technological University

Office: SEC 948
Phone: 405-325-6528
Fax: 405-325-3140


I use seismology to study the structure of the earth, spanning a variety of techniques and scales. I integrate other geophysical measurements (commonly gravity and magnetic data) and geological information. My research interests include the growth, evolution, and deformation of continents. I collect seismic data in the field in locations around the world. Several projects I am currently working on include the processes of continental extension in East Africa, characteristics of tsunamigenic earthquakes, seismic hazards in the Pacific Northwest, and induced micro-seismicity. I am also interested in near-surface applications of geophysical techniques, particularly as an opportunity to expose students to multiple geophysical methods, geophysical fieldwork, and raw data processing and interpretation.

Courses Taught

Global Geophysics

Earthquake Seismology

Advanced Field Geophysics

Geophysics Field Camp