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Avoid citations. Park on campus.

  1. Leave the car at home and ride the bus! Cleveland Area Rapid Transit (CART) provides public transportation for both the University of Oklahoma and the city of Norman. The best part is it is free to all OU students!

  2. If you bring a car to campus, purchase a parking permit from OU Parking Services either in person, at 1107 Elm Ave. in Stubbeman Place or online at right.

  3. Make sure your permit is valid for the lot where you wish to park.

  4. Arrive on campus in plenty of time to find a parking space. Getting on campus 15 minutes early can save you time looking for parking.

  5. Familiarize yourself with the parking designations in close proximity to your destination.

  6. Review the OU Parking Rules and Regulations book when you purchase your permit to ensure you are informed about the expectations and requirements of parking on campus.

  7. Follow @OUParking for morning updates on available parking spaces, for information on lot closings because of construction or special events, and for general parking tips.

  8. Always feel free to visit the OU Parking Services office at 1107 Elm Ave. in Stubbeman Place or call 405-325-3311 for any questions, comments or complaints.

  9. If you park at a metered spot, be sure to apply the correct change to reflect how long you will be parked.

  10. If you do receive a citation, contact OU Parking Services promptly for further guidance.