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Energy Executive Management Program

The Energy Executive Management Program is particularly appropriate for those who work in the energy industry, have a technical background (e.g., petroleum engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, geology, geophysics, etc.) or a degree applicable to the energy industry (e.g., law, landman, energy economics, etc.), and are high-potential leaders in their organization.


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Energy Institute

The Energy Institute aims to create a community of practitioners and academics with a results-oriented inter-disciplinary perspective seeking to advance innovative and sustainable solutions to the critical energy challenges facing our country and, more broadly, the global community.


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First Fidelity Integrated Business Core

Students get hands-on, real-world training through IBC. From brainstorming and market analysis, to managing employees and the legal implications of business transactions, to selling products and closing the books on the last sale, IBC develops the skills it takes to launch a successful business.

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JCPenney Leadership Center

The JCPenney Leadership Center provides high performing undergraduate business students with opportunities to develop their leadership potential through a variety of learning experiences and interactions.

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Multicultural Business Program (MBP)

The Multicultural Business Program (MBP) provides a bridge and support network of services to help selected students progress towards graduation in the Price College of Business at the University of Oklahoma.


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Professional Development

Our PURPOSE is to partner with Career Services and other Campus Organizations to leverage an integrated ability to advise, counsel and prepare students for entering and succeeding in today's workforce. Our GOAL is to prepare students for success when they are presented with employment opportunities and to simultaneously help companies in meeting their hiring needs by introducing them to our talented students. Our SUCCESS is reflected in our students' ability, upon graduation, to successfully obtain meaningful employment at competitive salaries.


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Study Abroad

Our goal is to create opportunities for all Price College of Business students to participate in a study abroad experience. We believe that all business students, regardless of their major, will greatly benefit, both personally and professionally, from experiencing different cultural and economic environments, interacting with foreign students and faculty, and observing, first hand, global business operations with OU faculty guiding the way.

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