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Biology Core Molecular Laboratory

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Biology Core Molecular Lab

The Biology Core Molecular Lab runs Sanger sequencing and Microsatellite fragments for on-campus personnel using a capillary electrophoresis genetic analyzer. Ann Harris has provided research assistance for over 30 years and can help trouble-shoot the results. Now available for use in the lab is a Bio-Rad Real-Time PCR machine and an Olympus Cut4060 Microtome.

Services (fee based)

  • Sanger sequencing on samples either ready for BigDye reactions, or “ready to load”
  • Microsatellite fragments with either five-dye (6-Fam, Vic, Ned, Pet with Liz size standard) or four-dye (6-Fam, Hex, Ned with Rox size Standard)

Instruments (General Use)

  • Bio-Rad CFX96 Real-Time PCR machine with Maestro statistical analysis Software
  • Olympus Cut4060 Microtome
  • Kodak EDAS 290 digital camera and agarose gel electrophoresis rigs
  • Eppendorf 5804 Refrigerated Centrifuge

The Applied Biosystems 3130xl (16-capillaries) genetic analyzer is operated by Ann Harris for samples submitted for Sanger Sequencing or Microsatellite Fragment reads.



Ann Harris
Phone: 405-325-5980


Sutton Hall
625 Elm Avenue
Room 310
Norman, OK 73019