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Cleanroom (MREC)

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Cleanroom (MREC)

MREC is the preeminent university-based microfabrication research, development and teaching facility. It is directly administrated by the Office of the Vice-President for Research and Partnerships at OU. The center contains open-access cleanroom fabrication facility offering over 5,000 sq. ft. with a Class-1000 lithography room and Class-10,000 fab-lab suites devoted for deposition, patterning, etching and testing activities at micro- and nanoscales. The Co-PI Weng serves as the director overseeing the operations.


The facility is also staffed with full-time engineering experts and equipped with a suite of micro/nano enabling tools for supporting the research of various photonic and electronic devices. The fabrication activities in the sensor research in this project including the metal deposition, structure patterning, the dry/wet etching and wirebonding processes will be conducted in this research facility.


  • CHA E-Beam Evaporator
  • Kurt J. Lesker metal PVD
  • AJA RF/DC Sputters
  • Pulsed E-beam Deposition
  • Thermal CVD
  • Atomic Layer Deposition
  • Parylene Coater
  • MJB3 Mask Aligners
  • Heidelberg uPG101 Laser Lithography System 
  • STS-Elionix Boden-125 Electron Beam Lithography System
  • Trion ICP-RIE Etcher
  • Oxford Bosh DRIE
  • Thermal Annealer
  • Plasma Asher
  • Automatic Dicer
  • Chemical Polisher
  • Wafer Bonder
  • JOEL 6060V SEM
  • Parker’s NX-10 AFM
  • KLA Tencor Profilometer
  • 4 Axis High-Resolution XRD
  • Powder XRD
  • Confocal Optical Microscope
  • IV/CV Testing Station



Dr. Binbin Weng
Phone: 405-325-6341


Devon Energy Hall
110 W. Boyd St.
Room 550
Norman, OK 73019