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Electron Microprobe Laboratory

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Electron Microprobe Laboratory

The Electron Microprobe Laboratory is available to clients from academia, government, private industry, and the public for research that requires rapid chemical and spatial microanalysis of solid samples. All elements from boron to uranium can be analyzed, most to detection levels in the range of 200-300 parts per million by weight. The facility is based upon a fully computer-automated CAMECA SX100 electron probe micro-analyzer that is equipped with five wavelength-dispersive x-ray spectrometers, integrated energy-dispersive x-ray analyzer, standard electron imaging capabilities, and cathodoluminescence detector.


The laboratory’s director and full-time manager/operator are available to advise, instruct, and to conduct analyses. Common services include secondary electron, backscattered electron, cathodoluminescence, and x-ray imaging, and qualitative and quantitative elemental x-ray analysis. We also offer sample preparation and carbon coating facilities.


CAMECA SX100 electron probe micro-analyzer



Dr. Lindsey E Hunt
Phone: 405-325-2642


Sarkeys Energy Center
100 E Boyd St
Room E106
Norman, Oklahoma 73019