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Samuel Roberts Noble Microscopy Laboratory

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Samuel Roberts Noble Microscopy Laboratory

The Samuel Roberts Noble Microscopy Laboratory, the core imaging facility of The University of Oklahoma, houses the most sophisticated collection of electron and confocal microscopes in the state, with a combined capitalized value of nearly $5.5 million. Use of the facility is primarily for university instruction and research at all levels of sophistication, but clients from other universities, foundations, and industry are welcome to use this equipment as well, and such work may be done on an invoice or contract basis. The facility is run principally as a user facility, encouraging clients to participate in preparing and observing their materials.


We have the following equipment available and provide training to users to prepare their own samples. Scanning electron microscopy is served by four SEM at different levels of sophistication from conventional to nanotechnological level featuring EBSD, EDX, micromanipulation, FIB, backscattered and high resolution secondary electron detectors, plasma etching and doping with selected gases, electron beam lithography. One mobile SEM is available.

Transmission electron microscopy is served by a near atomic level resolution by a 200KV field emission JEOL 2010F analytical transmission electron microscope equipped with a DE-12 camera, cryotomography holder, prep equipment as well as two more conventional TEMs, including at 200 KV routine JEOL 2000 TEM with EDS and electron diffraction camera, LaB6 source and a Zeiss 10 TEM used for conventional purposes, teaching and screening samples for stability and routine imaging.

Advanced light microscopy is served by a LEICA SP8 Upright CLS/multiphoton/FLIM microscope, an Olympus FluoView 50, a Zeiss ApoTome structured light microscope. There is also a Leica epifluorescent stereo microscope (FM/LM) for higher level routine stereo imaging. The facility also has an Atomic Force Microscope.

For specimen preparation there is a Tousimis critical point dryer, Anatech AuPd triode sputter coater for conventional coatings and Iridium coater for higher resolution, GloCube etcher-charge coater. Equipment for TEM preps include physical sciences prep equipment (ion mills, disc cutters, conventional and electropolisher, and for biological sciences, glass knifemakers, Reichert microtomes, carbon coater, freeze fracture devices. 

SRNML Core Facility Voucher Program



Andy Elwood Madden, Ph. D
Phone: 405-325-4391


George Lynn Cross Hall
770 Van Vleet Oval
Norman, OK 73019