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Protein Production and Characterization Core

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Protein Production and Characterization Core

The Protein Production and Characterization Core facility provides expertise, training, and access to equipment for the production and analysis of pure protein. Staff are available to carry out protein expression and purification using established protocols or developing de novo methods. 

Services (fee based)

  • Protein purification consultation
  • Protein expression and purification protocol design and services by staff
  • Protein characterization
  • Instrument training
  • Individual instruments available for trained hands-on users

Instruments (fee based)

  • *FPLC (Äkta Pure, Äkta Start, BioRad NGC) plus columns
  • Incubators/Shakers – refrigerated
  • Emulsiflex – high pressure cell homogenizer
  • Avanti J-26S centrifuge (6x1L rotor available)
  • Biological Safety Cabinet – NuAire Class II
  • CO2 Incubator
  • Leica DM IL LED Microscope with phase contrast
  • BioRad Chemidoc MP CCD imaging system with fluorescence capabilities
  • pUNk Dynamic Light Scattering instrument
  • NanoDrop OneC Spectrophotometer
  • Malvern MicroCal PEAQ Isothermal Titration Calorimeter (ITC)
  • Bruker Tensor II FTIR
  • ForteBio Octet Red96 BioLayer Interferometer

Instruments are available to hands-on users after training.
Staff-managed services are available for all instruments.
*By sample submission



Dr. Phil Bourne
Phone: 405-325-1828


Stephenson Life Sciences Research Center
101 Stephenson Parkway
Rm 2710
Norman, OK 73019