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Inaugural CQRT workshop

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Summary of Inaugural CQRT Workshop that was held on May 19-20, 2022: "Quantum Science and Technology

The inaugural 2-day workshop brought leading researchers from academia, national laboratories, and industry to OU’s Norman campus.

The workshop started on Thursday (May 19, 2022) at 9 am and ended on Friday (May 20, 2022) at 4 pm. Friday morning at 9 am, there was a public talk by Nobel laureate Bill Phillips, NIST. 

The Invited speakers for the workshop were:

  • ·        Joel Grimm, Naval Research Laboratory. 
  • ·        Boubacar Kante, UC Berkeley.
  • ·        Patty Lee, Honeywell Quantum Solutions. 
  • ·        Chris Palmstrom, UC Santa Barbara.
  • ·        Bill Phillips (Nobel Laureate), NIST and University of Maryland, JQI. 
  • ·        Ana-Maria Rey (MacArthur Fellow), JILA, NIST, CU Boulder.
  • ·        Jim Shaffer, Quantum Valley Ideas Lab.
  • ·        Norman Yao, UC Berkeley.
  • ·        Yitong Dong, Chemistry, Oklahoma University
  • ·        Bruno Uchoa, Physics & Astronomy, Oklahoma University

Summary of Day 1:

Day 1 covered the key topics including Investigations of Topological and Quantum Phenomena in Heusler and Rare-Earth Monopnictide Epitaxial Thin Films, Scalable Integrated Quantum Networks & Neuromorphic Brain-Inspired Computing, Single-Photon Emitters based on Colloidal Quantum Dots, and Topological Lasers and infinitely Scalable Berkeley Surface Emitting Lasers (BerkSELs). When the talks were over on Day 1, the workshop delegates were taken for a tour of the Advanced Radar Research Center (ARRC) and Center for Quantum Research and Technology (CQRT).

Summary of Day 2:

Bill Phillips (Nobel Laureate) delivered a lecture on The Revolutionary Quantum Reform of the Modern Metric System. Ana María Rey presented a talk on Optical Lattice Clocks: From Timekeepers to Spies of the Quantum Realm. Patty Lee in his talk explained Today's High-Performance Commercial Quantum Computers and Their Applications, Bruno explained on Zero-Energy Modes as Quantum Wires in Moire Heterostructures,  James P. Shaffer during his talk highlighted High Spectral Resolution Rydberg Atom-Based Sensing for Radio Frequency Metrology. Norman Yao delivered a talk on Time Crystal.

There were over 100 attendees participating in-person and via videocast. Day 1’s Banquet and Day 2’s Bill Phillips became signature events of the Workshop. The organizing committee led by Tischler Joseph G. and Schwettmann Arne is thankful for the support from the Center for Quantum Research and Technology (CQRT), Dodge Family College of Arts and Sciences, Gallogly College of Engineering, and the Office of the Vice President for Research and Partnership.