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Bruno Uchoa

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Bruno Uchoa

Associate Professor, Ted and Cuba Webb Presidential Professor
Condensed Matter Physics

Bruno’s primary research interests are correlated quantum critical systems such as superconductors with nodal gaps and a broad class of materials with Dirac-like electronic excitations, known as Dirac materials. The most popular examples of nodal systems in condensed matter today are Dirac semimetals, topological insulators and superconductors, and Chern insulators. These systems have the unifying property that their Fermi surface can be continuously deformed into a set of points or lines and their elementary excitations behave as chiral fermions and mimic properties known in quantum electrodynamics. The presence of Fermi surface nodes can also allow the existence of different topological states defined by quantum numbers associated with paths encircling these nodes. In general, those quantum numbers offer a rich playground for the emergence of new quantum phenomena and the engineering of quantum materials.

The group is currently hiring students.

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