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Members of Crimson Club serve as the University of Oklahoma's official student ambassadors. Members come from all corners of the University, providing diversity in majors, background, and activities. Each member of Crimson Club is carefully selected upon identification of outstanding leadership potential and a sense of great pride in the University of Oklahoma.

Our exceptional members actively support the University's long range goals for advancement and development and strive to enhance the University's image. Membership in Crimson Club not only provides students with a valuable experience, but also gives our students the chance to interact with some of the University's most bright and capable student leaders, campus officials, and notable dignitaries.

Membership Selection

The Crimson Club new member selection process takes place in the spring of each year. Nomination forms are sent out to each University faculty and staff member requesting that they nominate outstanding students who have not only demonstrated leadership potential, but also an impressive academic record and interpersonal communication skills. Nominees can expect to receive an official application in February.

Applications will be due February 21, 2020. Interviews and final selections will take place in April.