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Center for Spatial Analysis

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The Center for Spatial Analysis

The Center for Spatial Analysis (CSA) is a multidisciplinary research center housed on the OU-Norman Research campus, specializing in applied geospatial technology research and development. We focus on providing services to:

  • Government agencies, private industry, and OU
  • Educational outreach programs
  • Traditional sponsored academic research

CSA is part of the Department of Geography Environmental Sustainability in the College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences.

COVID-19 UPDATE: June 1st, 2021

CSA Staff will begin to transition back into the office full-time beginning August 2nd. While there are staff members currently telecommunicating, CSA is still committed to continuing normal operations and services.

Data Warehouse Update

Update 9/17/2021 3:34pm

The issue with the website has been resolved and you can now download using the preferred method through the By County section of the website if any other issues come up please use notify us using the e-mail below or the contact information on this page.

Update 9/17/2021

CSA is aware of an issue pertaining to the downloading data, By County on the website, there is a work around attached so that you can still download the data that you are needing linked below.

CSA has launched a New Data Warehouse Site. If you need assistance navigating the new site please contact Kelby Thomasson by email at

If you are having trouble being redirected to the new site please clear your browser cache.

doc Guide To Download Individual County Data
Guide for downloading individual county data.

Use the links below to access school district and school transportation district mapping apps & maps.

NOTICE: These links are accessing pages of the new CSA GIS Data Warehouse. This website is still in beta testing mode. If you have trouble accessing the data or maps you need, please contact Tanya Woody by email at

Spatial Calculator

The Center for Spatial Analysis has developed a replacement for the Spatial Calculator. The application is still being tested, but the public is invited to use it by clicking the hyperlink below. CSA will soon provide a comprehensive user's guide for this application.