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How it Works

Once you graduate as an approved "debt-free teacher," you teach in a mutually-agreed upon high-need area of education in Oklahoma and we foot the bill for up to $20,000 of your qualifying student loans.  On your end, you are responsible for checking in with the College twice annually--once by November 1, the other by May 1--to verify your high quality teacher status and employment. You will find all of the forms and information you need right here.

Debt-Free Graduate Student Checklist

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As a “Debt Free” Graduate you must:

• Maintain high-quality teacher status, as verified by employer

• Teach in an approved Oklahoma school

• Teach in an approved high-need content area, OR:

• Teach in an approved high-need environment (i.e. urban/rural schools)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to commonly asked questions about the Debt Free Teachers program.

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Rights and Responsibilities

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Your loan is a serious legal obligation.  It is extremely important that you understand your rights and responsibilities.

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What You Need to Know

Still need more information? Here is everything you need to know about our Debt Free Teachers program.

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