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Canvas Course Shell

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Canvas Course Shell

This Canvas Course Shell Template has been built with quality standards in mind and reflects effective practices in online learning. This Shell is meant to serve as a guide and should be customized to meet your particular needs.

Note: Importing the Canvas Course Shell Template will alter the Syllabus page and change the navigation settings. To fully preview these contents, first import the Shell Template into a new, empty course you create from your Canvas Dashboard.

Download Shell Template (Dropbox)


  1. Download Canvas Course Shell Template.
  2. Navigate to the course  you wish to import these materials.
  3. Follow these directions on how to complete the import into Canvas.
  4. Keep the below guidelines in mind when making edits in the course shell:

Sections and contents that require changes are denoted by 🚩 icons. Materials in between 🚩🚩 highlighted in yellow 🚩🚩 are for reference and guidance. Review and replace these marked and highlighted sections as you prepare for your course.

View a previously recorded training session here.

Canvas Shell instructions 1