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The Data Institute for Societal Challenges data science practices convene diverse teams to collaborate to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems and achieve a lasting societal impact.

Foundational Data Science

This community of practice focuses on developing new techniques and approaches to analytics that integrates computer science, AI/ML, cognitive psychology, decision science, and human computer teaming to create robust, explainable, fair, efficient, and reliable data-enabled solutions that can be readily transitioned into real-world use. 

Aerospace, Defense, and Global Security

We live in an increasingly digital world which presents new challenges, opportunities, and threats. This community unites security researchers, engineers, and analysts to   research, develop and deploy the next generation of data driven, advanced analytical solutions to ensure the resiliency, responsivity, and security of communities across the nation and around the world. 

Community and Societal Transformation

This community of practice centers on empowering creative, fair, transparent, and equitable data-driven enabled solutions to close the digital divide between communities and societies and increase social justice, equity, education, childhood development, community sustainability, and resiliency. 

Future of Health

This community of practice will focus on new data-enabled therapeutic leads, technology development, recognition of and response to emerging disease threats, social and environmental risk factors, and the promotion of health equity through convergent research.

Environment, Energy, and Sustainability

This community of practice will leverage data science to solve the global challenges of preserving the environment, mitigating future disasters, and increasing ecological and community sustainability.