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FY 2021 Seed Funding Awards

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FY 2021 Seed Funding Awards

In December 2020, DISC created a research seed funding program designed to incentivize transdisciplinary, convergent research teams focused on tackling grand challenges. Seed funding allows OU researchers to incubate ideas with the potential for future extramural support. In FY 21, DISC awarded 11 OU research teams a total of $115,000 in seed funding. 

Big Idea Challenge Finalists - $60,000 Total Award

AwardeeTeam MembersAmount Awarded
Creation of a Sustainable and Holistic Refugee Resettlement Model (SHRRM)Chie Noyori-Corbett
June Abbas
Suchismita Bhattacharjee
Ronald Frantz Jr.
Sunny Lee
Ying Wang
Jiening Ruan
Qiong Wang
Enabling Tribal Data SovereigntyPaul Spicer
Amanda Cobb-Greetham
Laura Harjo
Raina Heaton
Taiawagi Helton
Kelvin White
Deven Carlson
David Ebert
Jennifer Koch
Audrey Reinert
Understanding, Predicting and Countering Vaccine Misinformation and Disinformation Shane Connelly
Georgia Kosmopoulou
Kash Baker
Rachel Blum
Barbara Carlson
Mark Doescher
Christian Grant
Amanda Janitz
Matthew Jensen
Lori Jervis
Sunny Lee
Glenn Leshner
Laura-Isobel McCall
Shaila Miranda
Nancy Snow
Heshan Sun
Sridhar Radjakrishnan
Kent Teague
Aaron Wendelboe

Convergence of Data Science and Aerospace, Defense, & Global Security - $30,000 Total Award

AwardeeTeam MembersAmount Awarded
Expediting the Industrial Adoption of Additively Manufactured Titanium Alloys by Deep-Learning Assisted Process-Property Design and Informative Machine Learning Augmented Process Optimization and In-Situ Monitoring for High Throughput Additive Manufacturing of Structural CompositesYingtao Liu
Iman Ghamarian
Jin-Song Pei
Dean Hougen
Le Gruenwald
Zahed Siddique
Towards Improving the Prediction of Blocking Patterns and Extreme Weather on Subseasonal-to-Seasonal TimescalesSteven Cavallo
James Rupert
Dimitrios Diochnos
Sivaramakrishnar Lakshmivarahan
Audrey Reinert
Jason Furtado
The Decision Environment of Resilient CommunitiesKaterina Tsetsura
Xiaochen Zheng
Dean Hougen

AI for Science - $10,000 Total Award

AwardeeTeam MembersAmount Awarded
Accelerated Optoelectronic Materials Design and Discovery Guided by Machine Learning and Advanced ComputationDean Hougen
Samuel Cheng
Kun Lu
Bin Wang
Byram Saparov
Blending data streams to create reliable ecological forecastsDean Hougen
Yifu Li
Jeff Kelly
Charles Nicholson
Machine-Learning (ML) Assisted Molecular and Coarse-Scaled DynamicsSamuel Cheng
Deepak Devegowda
Dean Hougen
Yihan Shao

Opioid Research - $15,000 Total Award

AwardeeTeam MembersAmount Awarded
Wastewater Synoptic Survey of Opioids and Other Illicit Drugs in Rural Communities across OklahomaJason Vogel
Erin Maher
Daniel Snow
Bradley Stevenson
Halley Reeves
Katrin Khun
Bryce Lowery
The Health and Economic Impact of a New Multidisciplinary Clinic to Treat Infective Endocarditis (IE) due to Intravenous Drug Use (IDU)David Bard
Aneesh Venkat Pakala
Nelson Ivan Agudelo Higuita
Michael Brand
Junying Zhao
Hairong Song