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Welcome to the A Gap-Based Approach to Frame and Develop Robust AI for Sustainable Agriculture

 The purpose of this project is to develop a roadmap of how to support artificial intelligence-enabled sustainable agricultural communities and production through advancements in plant and crop science, weather and climate forecast models, hydrologic models and water management tools, and the climate-food-water ecosystem. The final goal is to create an NSF/USDA AI Institute for Robust AI for Sustainable Agriculture to support growers, producers, associations, and consumers in harnessing the latest data science/AI, sensing, and innovative technologies to improve sustainable agriculture and agricultural communities.

This project has two aims. The first is to create a research, education, community engagement, and deployment roadmap to guide the development of sustainable agriculture while helping growers understand the opportunities, issues, and approaches to use artificial intelligence techniques effectively and reliably. The second is to develop educational material to promote ‘AI-literacy’ among end-users, science researchers, and citizens to ensure correct, robust, and trustable development and deployment of AI-guided software and decision-making systems.


Determine what is needed for data, technology and artificial intelligence to 

  • Increase grower economic and ecological sustainability

  • Bring together sub seasonal weather, climate, water, farming practice data and science to enable this sustainability (economic, environmental, social)

To build stakeholder trust in the power of artificial intelligence to create congruency and efficiency in prediction of CFW processes by leveraging the foundation of the physical and biological processes underlying the data and their model representations.

For any questions, please contact Audrey Reinert at Please include NSF- AG AI in the email subject line