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Reports are submitted to the CCIRT via:

  • EthicsPoint reporting tool (also known as the 24-hour reporting hotline)
  • Email to the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) inbox, team member or CCIRT team member
  • Phone

If you provide contact information, someone will connect with you within 48 hours. Reports of incidents that require action through formal processes will be forwarded to other offices such as the Office of Equal Opportunity or the Office of Student Conduct.

The process is voluntary, our goal is to provide a space for dialogue and an opportunity to heal.

Mediation will be encouraged. The target of the bias incident will be given opportunities to engage in dialogue and work through the harm they have experienced even if the other party does not agree to participate.

The team will respond to reports within 48 hours and act to connect with the parties involved within 7 days. After that, the resolution process is led by a pair of CCIRT team members to guide the parties through the dialogue and resolution process. The process is dynamic, and the time it takes to create opportunities for dialogue and space for healing can be different for each incident.  

Reports made via EthicsPoint are completely anonymous unless the reporting party provides identifying or contact information. While you can track responses via the report feedback tool in EthicsPoint, we have no way of reaching you or identifying you unless you provide information.

Reports submitted anonymously via EthicsPoint will receive an update indicating that we have contacted the target of the incident (if we were able to make such contact). Due to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and confidentiality practices, if you report about something you witnessed, we are not able to provide more specific information.

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