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Strategic Alignment Plan

A Vision for OU

OU aspires to be a top-tier public research university that impacts locally, regionally, and globally. The university is strategically aligning programs, services, and resources to better serve the community. Framed within the strategic plan, the alignment at OU has intentionally moved to the development of the Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion that now includes the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (located on all OU campuses), the TRIO Programs – Upward Bound, Project Threshold, and McNair Scholars – the Accessibility and Disability Resource Center, the Inclusion Council Members, and the DEI Divisional Advisory Board to the Vice President.

Lead On, University

Founded in 1890, the University of Oklahoma has a long-established history among American higher education institutions. Yet, changes in the social and economic environment demanded innovative and creative responses informed by a long-term plan that would bring the community together. The University of Oklahoma, under the leadership of President Joseph Harroz Jr., launched Lead On, University, a multi-year strategic plan centered on a culture of excellence, research, a life of meaning and success, belonging, accessibility, accountability, and a strategy for positive impact to help advance the university today and in the future. With the support of the Board of Regents, the plan was compiled in partnership with students, faculty, staff, and alumni over one year and a half. At its core, Lead On, University, aims to Change Lives! 

Guiding Statements

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To enhance OU's commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, to recognize and respect the essential worth of each individual, and to value differences amongst groups. We commit to building a welcoming and supportive campus environment where each individual feels welcomed, valued, and supported for success. 

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To become the leading voice in inclusive excellence.

We aspire to be the pacesetter institution in our commitment to building and maintaining a diverse and inclusive community where diversity is embraced and celebrated, while equity and inclusion are weaved into the fabric of our university community.

The Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion will continue to be the point of contact and arbiter of engagement, discourse, information, interaction, outreach, and leadership in the mission of diversity and inclusivity at the University of Oklahoma.

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Civil Dialogue




Mutual Respect

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Definitions and Pillars

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Institutional Definitions


At OU, Diversity means all individuals and viewpoints are represented and included.


At OU, Equity means all have access and opportunity to succeed through identified and provided resources. 


At OU, Inclusion means all have a sense of belonging in our environment of cultivated respect and care.

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We critically examine campus climate with its biases, assumptions, institutional structure, and world views.


We strive together to mitigate inequities, to grow intellectually and personally through meaningful diversity interactions, conscious conversations, and meaningful experiences.


We work to reduce barriers, to promote conscious civil conversations, and to help all contribute as individuals, community members, and professionals in preparing our students to compete in a diverse, global, and integrated world.