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As you may know, OU offers lots of resources to our students, staff, and faculty, which can make finding the right ones for you difficult. Luckily, we have compiled the resources into a searchable list found below. You can search for resources directly by using the Search Bar, or you can filter the list by campus, audience, and alphabetical names. To do so, just click on the arrows next to the headers that say "Title" "Audience" and "Campus."

Once you find a resource that you are interested in, just click on the name of it, the words in red and the farthest on the left, and it will open up a new tab with their website. 

Academic AdvisingFacultyOU-Norman
Academic AssessmentFacultyOU-Norman
OU-Norman Academic CalendarFacultyOU-Norman
OUHSC Academic CalendarFacultyOUHSC
Center for Faculty ExcellenceFacultyOU-Norman
DIsability Resource CenterFacultyAll
Faculty SenateFacultyOU-Norman
Still Processing PodcastFacultyAll
Code Switch PodcastFacultyAll
Freedom Is a Constant Struggle:
Ferguson, Palestine, and the
Foundations of a Movement
The Voting Rights War:
The NAACP and the
Ongoing Struggle for Justice
by Gloria J. Browne-Marshall
Rules of Engagement: Building a
Workplace Culture to Thrive in an
Uncertain World
Political Speech, Conduct &
Activity in the Workplace Amid
A Social Justice Movement
We’re Entering the Age of
Corporate Social Justice
 Mentoring & Consultation
Library ServicesGraduateNorman
New StudentsGraduateNorman
Institutional Review BoardGraduateNorman
Current StudentsGraduateNorman
Graduate Student AssociationGraduateHSC
Helpful ResourcesGraduateHSC
HR Staff ResourcesStaffAll
Professional DevelopmentStaffAll
Employee (Life)
Assistance Program
Paying for CollegeStaffAll
OU Employee BenefitsStaffAll
Disability and AccessibilityAllNorman
Accessibility and DRCAllHSC
Accessibility and DRCAllTulsa
Gender and Equality CenterAllNorman
LGBTQ+ ProgramsAllNorman
LGBTQ+ ResourcesAllHSC
Veteran Student ServicesGraduate/UndergradNorman
Veteran Student ServicesGraduate/UndergradExtented Norman
Veteran Student ServicesGraduate/UndergradHSC
Veteran Student ServicesGraduate/UndergradTulsa
Self ServiceAllHSC
Records and TranscriptsGraduate/UndergradTulsa
Information TechnologyAllTulsa
Student Enrollment CenterGraduate/UndergradTulsa
Library ServicesAllTulsa
Student AffairsGraduate/UndergradTulsa
Emergency Communication
Student Rights and
Responsibilities Code
Sexual MisconductAllAll
Student HandbookGraduate/UndergradTulsa
Forms, Handbooks, & PoliciesGraduate/UndergradHSC
Student UnionGraduate/UndergradHSC
Student Counseling ServicesGraduate/UndergradHSC
Writing CenterGraduate/UndergradHSC
Police DepartmentAllHSC
Library ServicesAllHSC
Student Wellbeing Graduate/UndergradHSC
International Student ServicesGraduate/UndergradHSC
Multicultural Student ServicesGraduate/UndergradHSC
Student Counseling ServicesGraduate/UndergradHSC
Sooners Helping SoonersGraduate/UndergradHSC
Sexual MisconductGraduate/UndergradHSC
Leadership ProgramsGraduate/UndergradHSC
Campus LifeGraduate/UndergradHSC
Student AffairsGraduate/UndergradNorman
IT DeskAllNorman
Academic CalendarAllNorman
University LibraryAllNorman
College of Engineering Diversity and InclusionAllNorman
Career ServicesGraduate/UndergradNorman
Health ServicesAllNorman
Housing and Food Graduate/UndergradNorman
Campus SafetyAllNorman
Resources for Marginalized
Communities and Social
Justice Advocacy
Student OrganizationsGraduate/UndergradNorman
Multicultural Student ServicesGraduate/UndergradNorman
International Student ServicesGraduate/UndergradNorman

Threat Intimidation Guide

pdf U.S. Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Investigation: Threat Intimidation Guide
A guide to understanding how to mange In-Person Threats, Phone Threats, Electronic Message Threats, and/or Cyber Attacks.

Emergency grants for Undocumented and International students

 The U.S. Department of Education announced a new distribution of $36b dollars in higher education emergency relief funds under the American Rescue Plan along with updated FAQs (see Q.8) that make clear that “all students who are or were enrolled in an institution of higher education during the COVID-19 national emergency are eligible for emergency financial grants from the HEERF” regardless of their immigration status, including DACA recipients, other undocumented students, and international students. The updated FAQs reflect the Department's carefully reasoned new final rule on student eligibility that reverses the previous policy. Previously, the Presidents' Alliance had advocated for the expansion and submitted a comprehensive comment letter on why these emergency funds legally must be made available for all students. See our statement on the announcement here.

Student Life Engagement and Support

The University of Oklahoma is home to a vibrant, diverse student body, with more than 400 active registered student organizations representing their varied interests, backgrounds, aspirations, and lifestyles. A complete list of STUDENT LIFE organizations can be found at: 


Shifting Landscapes

A Guide to Developing Academic and Research Relationships in Oklahoma Indian Country

During Summer 2015, a small team of administrators, scientists, and interns from both the University of Oklahoma’s (OU) Center for Research Program Development and Enrichment (CRPDE) and the South Central Climate Adaptation Science Center (CASC) began working on a document to provide tools, resources, and other materials necessary for nonNative scholars, researchers, faculty members, and government employees to better understand, reach out to, and build collaborative relationships with those who share an affiliation with Oklahoma Indian Country.

Gender + Equality Center  Trainings

The Gender + Equality Center (GEC) provides a number of training opportunites for campus community members to learn about both gender-based violence and LGBTQ+ allyship. See below for descriptions of all trainings provided by the OU Gender + Equality Center and how you can bring us to your student organization or classroom!

Click here for more information about the different trainings GEC has to offer.