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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much and what can Presidential Dream Course funds be used for?

The funds provide up to a maximum of $ 20,000 in one-time funds per selected course to bring in several (about 3-5) experts in the field during the semester to interact with the students enrolled in the course and to give a lecture open to the public. The exact format for use of these experts is somewhat flexible; however, no one visiting expert should require more than about $ 8,000 of the total budget.

When can I expect the funds to be transferred into the departmental account?

Funds will be transferred into the departmental account specified in the summer prior to fall courses and the fall prior to spring courses.

What is the process for hiring the Dream Course experts?

Prior to engaging the services of any individual as an independent contractor, the hiring department must complete the Request for Independent Contractor Approval form. If the individual is a foreign national, please complete the foreign national information form in addition to the independent contractor form. I would recommend beginning the process now rather than later for guest lecturer ICF’s. DO NOTwait until the guest lecturer is here to begin.

Independent Contractor Guidelines: Download

Independent Contractor Form: Download

Foreign National Information form: Download

How do I pay an Independent Contractor?

An “Independent Contractor Payment Request” form will need to be completed in Crimson Corner. Go to forms/shared/payment forms/Independent Contractor Payment Request for the form. A copy of the invoice and any other supporting documentation should be attached. The independent contractor form approved by HR should NOT be attached. Please make sure all scanned attachments are clearly readable. All sensitive information (social security numbers, credit card numbers, protected information under HIPAA or FERPA, etc.) MUST be removed from attached documentation. Enter total amount on form under Invoice Amount.

Please allow two business days from the date of HR approval for the independent contractor to be established as a supplier in CrimsonCorner. If the supplier you need is not available for selection after two business days, please email

How do I process payments for non-U.S. Citizens?

Payments to individuals who are not treated as U.S. citizens for tax purposes CANNOT be paid on this form. Please forward paper copies of invoices for these payments directly to Financial Services.

Please note that the beginning and ending dates of the service dates being paid are required on the form.

How do I reimburse independent contractors travel expenses?

Please note that travel expenses that are listed separately from the fee for services on the invoice can be excluded from the Independent Contractor’s income for 1099 reporting purposes if the travel expenses are within the allowances stipulated in the travel statutes for state employees. To determine if the travel expenses are within the allowances, the same information and documentation is required. For example, if per diem is being claimed, the date and time the travel began must be listed. Receipts must be attached for any lodging, airfare, etc. Mileage reimbursement must include the location the travel began, any points that business was conducted, and the final destination. The designated lodging form may be applicable (located Even though the same information is needed, the State of Oklahoma travel voucher should not be completed for the Independent Contractor’s travel expenses. Contractor travel cannot be billed on separate documents, but must be included in the invoice item list. See example below:

Fees: $1000.00
Airfare: 250.00
Per diem: 07/01/06 0600 to 07/03/06 1800 Norman, OK 97.50
Mileage: (Kansas City vicinity airport) 30 @ 57.5 cents per mile= 17.25
Total: $1364.75

How do I procure airfare for the independent contractor?

Concur should be used to book travel arrangements for guests.

Can I purchase Food and Beverage with Dream Course funds?

Food and beverages (excluding alcohol) are allowed expenditures. Please follow OU financial Service Food and Beverage Policy. Please go to forms/shared/payment forms/food & beverage payment request in Crimson Corner.

For those requests over the allowed limit, per OU Financial Services policy – complete the Provost Administrative Units Food and Beverage Form. Email the completed form to Lizi Young ( for Provost signature.

What disclosure statements are required to be included on all publications of events?

  1. Cost Disclosure Statement

    Certain publications require a Cost Disclosure Statement. As authorized by Senate Joint Resolution No. 20, a cost disclosure statement containing the following information should be included on reports and regulations in book or booklet format that are published for members of the public.

    1. Name of the issuing agency or department.
    2. Authorization for publication; the name of the person(s) so authorizing.
    3. The cost of the publication, including salaries/wages of employees for all the time spent on the compilation and preparation of material contained in the publication.
    4. Number of copies printed.
    5. Name of the printer.

  2. Sample: This publication, printed by _____, is issued by the University of Oklahoma. ____ copies have been prepared and distributed at a cost of $____ to the taxpayers of the State of Oklahoma (or at no cost to the taxpayers of the State of Oklahoma).

  3. Accommodation Disclosure Statement

    For information, or accommodation to events on the basis of disability, contact: Insert name of departmental contact with phone number and email address.