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Fall 2014

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Fall 2014 Presidential Dream Courses

Image of chinese pergoda

EDUC 4990.001

US & China: Perspectives on Education in the Information Age

  • Teresa DeBacker, College of Education
  • Stacy Reeder, Department of Instructional Leadership & Academic
  • Curriculum Cecilia Brown, School of Library & Information Studies

The US and China will lead the world in the 21st century. In each of these countries, edu- cation will drive the economy and shape emerging leaders in business, industry, and poli- tics. China and the US differ in their approach to education and access to information. This course will explore the educational philosophy, goals, and practices of China and the US in cultural context with an emphasis on what the two countries can learn from the others' strengths.

Thumbnail of portrait of Gertrude Stein by Pablo Picasso

EXPO 1213/1223

American Genius: Modernity, Identity and the Case of Gertrude Stein

V. Nicholas LoLordo, Expository Writing Program

This course will use Stein to explore the problem of the modern American genius, through contexts such as the impact of Cubism and other modern artistic movements on America, the relationship between democratic artistic publics and cultural elites, and the very idea of literary or artistic greatness; Stein’s work will be read alongside a constellation of related figures (William James, Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway).

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Chronicling America's Wars poster with a man raising a gun

JMC 4970

First Draft of History: Covering America's Wars

  • John Schmeltzer, College of Journalism
  • Mike Boettcher, College of Journalism

This Presidential Dream Course on Chronicling America's Wars features distinguished guest speakers who will discuss war reporting from the American Indian wars to the Spanish-American War to World Wars I & II to Vietnam, both Gulf Wars and Afghanistan.

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Human Trafficking poster with a child inside wiring fence

WGS 3220.001

Human Trafficking

  • Jill A. Irvine, Women’s & Gender Studies Program
  • Roksana Alavi, College of Liberal Studies 

An overview of human trafficking, also referred to as a form of modern slavery, a complex and varied phenomenon including bonded labor, forced migration, organ and sex trafficking that involves millions of women, men and children around the world. In this course we will explore the character, scope and cause of, and responses to human trafficking.