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Fall 2015

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Fall 2015 Presidential Dream Courses

AME 5740.003

User-Experience Design

Zahed Siddique, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

The course explores design thinking, innovation, creativity, prototyping, emphatic and verification design. This course is open to both undergraduate and graduate students of all majors. The design of artifacts is addressed from a multidisciplinary perspective that includes opportunity determination through inspiration, ideation and understanding and defining opportunities for innovation, developing and producing globally competitive products.

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BIOL 3103.001

Principles of Physiology – Life at the Extremes

  • Eli Bridge, Oklahoma Biological Survey
  • Rosemary Knapp, Dept. of Biology

Come learn about key physiological principles and mechanisms by studying organisms that live in the harshest environments on earth. From the skies above the Himalayas, to geysers in the ocean deep, this course will take physiology to new heights….and depths.

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EACS 5403.900

Inquiry for Performance Improvement (Tulsa/Norman)

Angela Urick, Dept. of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

The use of evidence to manage effective and efficient performance of schools is an important responsibility of school administrators. School administrators need to draw on knowledge and competencies related to the inquiry process, measurement and assessment, and data collection, analysis, and interpretation to lead continuous improvement.

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HSCI 3833.001

Scientific Revolution

Kathleen Crowther, History of Science

This course explores the “Scientific Revolution” of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. In this period there were a series of dramatic shifts in understanding of the natural world, including the replacement of geocentric cosmology with heliocentric, the rise of experimental methods, and the development of new techniques for observing and describing natural objects.

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IAS 3653.001

Energy, Climate, and Security

Bo Kong, International and Area Studies

This course investigates how states simultaneously balance energy, climate change and national security concerns. Its fundamental premise is that energy, climate change and national security are elements of a complex system that cannot be addressed as separate and independent domains of policy.

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P SC 3020.901

Making Modern America: Discovering the Great Depression

  • Keith Gaddie, Dept. of Political Science
  • David Wrobel, Dept. of History

The Great Depression of the 1930’s transformed the relationship between the national government and its citizens, and transformed the physical landscape of the nation, through massive public works projects and conservation initiatives. In addition, as a result of the sustained economic hardship and human suffering of the decade, the relationship of artists and intellectuals to the American people also underwent massive change...

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