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John W. Renner Science Education Center

John W. Renner Science Education Center
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John W. Renner Science Education Center

Mission Statement

The John W. Renner Science Education Center's mission is to continue to be at the forefront of science education research while preparing teachers and professionals for lasting scholarly work and personal development in order to improve upon science education for all students. 


  • Prepare science teaching and supervisory personnel for kindergarten through the twelfth grade for individual school systems, as well as county and state educational systems.

  • Prepare persons for college teaching responsibilities in undergraduate and graduate courses in science education, as well as facilitate active membership in the science education scholarship community.

  • Provide an opportunity for classroom teachers of secondary and elementary school science to devote study time to a purposeful program while increasing their understandings and leadership in science and education.

Special Features

  • Faculty members in teacher education whose major interest and preparation are science education and strong backgrounds in the natural sciences.
  • A long history of interdepartmental activities in science education involving the College of Education, College of Engineering and science departments in the College of Arts and Sciences.
  • Faculty and research facilities making possible the conferring of degrees in all the basic sciences and in education.
  • Excellent library facilities in science and in education plus the world-famous De Golyer Collection in the History of Science and Technology.

Science Education Research & Development Foundation

The Science Education Research & Development Foundation was established in 1982 to support benchmark research, teaching, and service related to inquiry science, in other words, the learning cycle. For over three decades, the Foundation has supported noteworthy and meritorious efforts in:

  • researching inquiry science that has resulted in most of the publications, grants and science curricula included on these web pages and,

  • promoting the development of learning cycle science curricula that have been implemented throughout the state, region and country as well as internationally.

If you would like to support the Center's projects, you may make contributions to the University of Oklahoma Foundation. Please designate your gift for the “Science Education Research & Development” fund, Account Number 0030684.

Edmund A. Marek Endowed Scholarship Fund

In spring 2016, Edmund A. Marek, Ph.D., retired after more than 47 years of impacting students’ lives and helping shape the next generations of science educators. In honor of Dr. Marek’s influential work in science education over the last few decades, the Edmund A. Marek Endowed Scholarship Fund was established.

The Edmund A. Marek Endowed Scholarship Fund will provide scholarships for qualified applicants who:

  • are full-time, regularly enrolled undergraduate students in the Jeannine Rainbolt College of Education, OR who are full- or part-time graduate students in the college;

  • are studying science education;

  • have a minimum 3.0 grade point average on a 4.0 scale;

  • have demonstrated financial need; and

  • are not a contributor to the fund or the immediate family member of a contributor to the fund.

Whether you know Dr. Marek as a colleague, mentor, friend, family member or community member, you have seen the amazing contributions he has made to science education, the Norman community, and beyond throughout his career. If you would like to support the students of the John W. Renner Science Education Center, then you may make a contribution to the University of Oklahoma Foundation. Please designate your gift for the “Edmund A. Marek Endowed Scholarship” fund, Account Number 0042928. All donations to the Edmund A. Marek Scholarship Fund are processed by the University of Oklahoma Foundation and are tax-deductible. With your support of this fund, we can continue to recruit and educate the best science educators in the state just as Dr. Marek did throughout his career.