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John W. Renner Science Education Center

John W. Renner Science Education Center
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John W. Renner Science Education Center

Mission Statement

The John W. Renner Science Education Center's mission is to continue to be at the forefront of science education research while preparing teachers and professionals for lasting scholarly work and personal development in order to improve upon science education.  Rooted in Piagetian theory and with a strong commitment to constructivist models of learning and teaching, the John W. Renner Science Education Center strives to accomplish the following.


  • Prepare science teaching and supervisory personnel for kindergarten through the twelfth grade for individual school systems, as well as county and state educational systems.
  • Prepare persons for college teaching responsibilities in undergraduate courses in science education as well as graduate and undergraduate work in science education.
  • Provide an opportunity for classroom teachers of secondary and elementary school science to devote study time to a purposeful program while increasing their understandings in science and education.

Special Features

  • Faculty members in teacher education whose major interest and preparation are science education and strong backgrounds in the natural sciences.
  • A long history of interdepartmental activities in science education involving the College of Education, College of Engineering and science departments in the College of Arts and Sciences.
  • Faculty and research facilities making possible the conferring of degrees in all the basic sciences and in education.
  • Excellent library facilities in science and in education plus the world-famous De Golyer Collection in the History of Science and Technology.
  • Continuing research and curriculum development projects with the Norman, Oklahoma public schools.