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ChoiceMaker Self-Determination Curriculum & Lesson Packages

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StrandTeaching GoalsModules
1. Choosing Goals

A. Student Interests

B. Student Skills & Limits

C. Student Goals

  • Choosing Education Goals
  • Choosing Employment Goals
  • Choosing Personal Goals
2. Expressing Goals

D. Student Leading Meeting

E. Student Reporting

  • Self-Directed IEP
3. Taking Action

F. Student Plan

G. Student Action

H. Student Evaluation

I. Student Adjustment

  • Take Action

These lessons and materials provide students with school- and community-based experiences to help them choose goals in each of the three transition areas by identifying their interests, skills, and limits. A student video entitled Choosing Goals to Plan Your Life introduces the concepts by showing high school students using the Choosing Goals process. Click any of the Choosing Goals modules in the left side menu to access the video.  

Self-Directed IEP is the lesson package that addresses the Expressing Goals strand of the curriculum. Self-Directed IEP is a multimedia package that teaches students how to manage their own IEP meetings. It includes two videos, a Teacher's Manual, and a Student Workbook. The first video, entitled Self-Directed IEP in Action, introduces the Self-Directed IEP process to students, parents, teachers, and administrators. It shows students with different disabilities in classes working on the Self-Directed IEP lessons and describing their experiences using the steps. The second video, entitled Self-Directed IEP, introduces the 11 steps to leading an IEP meeting. Students see an experienced high school student explain to a hesitant friend how he led his own IEP meeting.

After watching the Self-Directed IEP video, students complete 11 lessons in the Student Workbook that match the steps explained in the video. In these lessons students learn to apply the steps to their own lives. In fact, a teacher in one class pointed out to students that these skills could help them conduct business meetings in the future. Click on the Self-Directed IEP module in the left side menu to access the videos.

This strand has one module entitled Take Action. The module consists of a student video (also entitled Take Action), teacher lesson plans, and student worksheets. Lessons teach students to plan how they will attain their goals by making decisions about performance standards, receiving feedback, motivation, strategies, needed supports, and schedules.