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About the TAGG

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Transition Assessment & Goal Generator (TAGG)

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The Transition Assessment and Goal Generator (TAGG) is an online transition assessment with validity and reliability evidence. The TAGG assesses postsecondary employment and education skills of individuals with mild to moderate disabilities. The TAGG assessment consists of Professional, Student, and Family versions. The 34-item assessment measures student performance across eight constructs: (a) knowledge of strengths and limits, (b) disability awareness, (c) persistence, (d) interacting with others, (e) goal setting and attainment, (f) employment, (g) student involvement in the IEP, and (h) support community. The TAGG automatically provides a norm-based graphic profile, present level of performance statement, lists of strengths and needs, and suggested IEP annual transition goals based on the identified greatest student needs.


This video briefly describes how the TAGG online transition assessment can be used to develop strong annual IEP goals related to students' postsecondary employment and further education goals.

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