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IEP Team Education Module to Increase Student Involvement

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IEP Team Education Module to Increase Student Involvement

The Self-Directed IEP instructional program increases student participation in IEP meeting discussions. To achieve even greater student involvement, IEP team members need to learn their roles to facilitate student active participation. But, how can this be done in an economical and efficient manner when so many different team members, including parents and outside agency staff, attend IEP meetings? 

We conducted a study at the Oklahoma School for the Blind that demonstrated the positive additive effect of an IEP Team Education Module. At the beginning of each IEP meeting, the team watched and/or listened to a three-minute automated PowerPoint IEP Team Education Module  presentation. This slide-show explained the roles and responsibilities of each team member to facilitate student involvement in IEP meeting discussions. 

We found the addition of the IEP Team Education Module increased student participation above what the Self-Directed IEP alone obtained. An analysis of the results showed that the IEP Team Education Module had a moderate to large effect on increasing student participation compared to the effect attained by the Self-Directed IEP instructional program.

IEP Team Education Module and Study PowerPoint File