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About ME!

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About ME!


We would like to acknowledge the Oklahoma Developmental Disabilities Council (ODDC) for their generosity during the development of the ME! Lessons. The ODDC provided funding to Dr. James Martin at the University of Oklahoma's Zarrow Center for the purpose of developing the ME! Lessons for Teaching Self-Awareness and Self-Advocacy.

The ME! Lessons consist of ten units developed for the purpose of teaching critical transition knowledge and skills to high school students with disabilities. The units include:

–   Getting Started

–   Learning About Special Education

–   Understanding My Individualized Education Program

–   Understanding My Rights and Responsibilities

–   Improving My Communication Skills

–   Increasing My Self-Awareness

–   Advocating For My Needs in High School

–   Advocating For My Needs After High School

–   Developing My Resources

–   Assessing My Progress & Portfolio

Each unit begins with an overview of the unit lessons and the PASS objectives addressed in the unit. The lessons include detailed step-by-step lesson plans, pencil-paper activities, discussion and group activities. Some lessons include PowerPoint presentations that may be added to enhance lesson presentation. A student portfolio called the ME! Book is a major component of the curriculum. Each student creates and adds to their ME! Book as the units are completed. Once students have completed all lessons, their ME! Book will include the following completed items:

–   IEP

–   Self-Awareness Project

–   Worksheets and activities from each lesson

–   Summary of Performance

–   Secondary and postsecondary resources to use during the transition process

–   Additional student-identified resources


When referencing the ME! Lessons, we recommend using the following citation:

Cantley, P., Little, K., & Martin, J. (2010). ME! Lessons for teaching self-awareness and self-advocacy. Norman, OK: University of Oklahoma, Zarrow Center. Retrieved from