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About SDTP

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About SDTP

An Outreach Grant from the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education awarded to Dr. James Martin at the University of Oklahoma's Zarrow Center provided funding to develop SDTP (Grant # H324C040136). Dr. Selete Avoke served as the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education's Project Officer to the SDTP Project, and provided valuable guidance along the way.

Lorraine Sylvester, Lee Woods, and James Martin from OU's Zarrow Center for Learning Enrichment, along with Sandra Poolaw from OU's American Indian Institute and Riverside Indian School wrote the SDTP lessons. When referencing the SDTP project, we recommend using the following citation:

Sylvester, L., Woods, L. L, Martin, J. E., & Poolaw, S. (2007). Student-directed transition planning. Norman, OK: University of Oklahoma, Zarrow Center. Retrieved from

The following SDTP advisory committee members provided guidance and feedback on lesson scope, sequence, and content:

  • Dr. James Alarid, Professor of Special Education and Director of the Ben Lujan Institute, New Mexico Highlands University, Las Vegas, NM
  • Dr. Ginger Blalock, Professor Emeritus of Special Education and New Mexico's Transition Project Coordinator, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM
  • Dr. Carole Brito, New Mexico Highlands University, Las Vegas, NM
  • Tom Fee, Transition Specialist, Kickapoo Nation School, Powhattan, KS
  • Rolletta Sue Gronewald, formerly the Transition Consultant for the New Mexico Special Education Bureau and now New Mexico Special Education Bureau's Deputy Director
  • Dr. Michael Juda, Special Education Coordinator, Bureau of Indian Education, Eastern Navajo Education Program, Crownpoint, NM
  • Kim Nickerson, Project Director and Transition Specialist, Oklahoma Department of Education, Special Education Services, Oklahoma City, OK
  • Marilyn D'Ottavio, Transition Coordinator, Albuquerque Public Schools, Albuquerque, NM
  • Sandra Poolaw, American Indian Center for Excellence in Exceptional Education (AICEEE); American Indian Institute at the University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK, and Riverside Indian School, Anadarko, OK
  • Linda Swirzynski, Transition Coordinator, Oklahoma City Public Schools, Oklahoma City, OK

Over a two-year period many people helped establish SDTP's social validity across a variety of venues including national and regional conferences, informal round-table talks, phone conversations, and e-mail discussions. Many secondary and postsecondary educators, adult service providers, and graduate students spent many hours reviewing, editing, discussing, and revising the SDTP lessons. Many people deserve our thanks and at the risk of missing someone we want to give our public thanks to:

  • Frank Boswell, Disability Program Navigator, Oklahoma Employment Security Commission, Clinton, OK and member of the Oklahoma Transition Council
  • Mary Cash, Lincoln Alternative Academy, Stillwater, OK
  • Janet Cundiff, Special Needs/Compliance Officer; Metro Technology Center, Student Services, Oklahoma City, OK
  • Sharon Isbell, Compliance Officer (now retired), Oklahoma School for the Blind, Muskogee, OK
  • Denise North, Disabilities Specialist, Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education, Stillwater, OK
  • Linda Swirzynski, Transition Coordinator, Oklahoma City Public Schools, Oklahoma City, OK
  • Ralph Wiser, Transition Specialist, Oklahoma City Public Schools, Oklahoma City, OK

Graduate students from the University of Oklahoma's Zarrow Center for Learning Enrichment wrote, edited, collected data, and provided support while developing and writing these lessons. Our thanks to

  • Penny Cantley
  • Chauncey Goff
  • John Grahmn
  • Chen-Ya Juan
  • Nidal El-Kazimi
  • Juan Portley
  • Stacy Vollmer
  • Pei Fang Wu
  • Rudy Valenzuela
  • Ashraf Hussain

Special thanks go to Ashraf Hussain who helped us get these lessons onto the web, and to Chimène Long who made the web site accessible and put the final touches on the web site.

We also thank the many teachers, students, and their parents who allowed us to pilot the SDTP lessons and tests in order to determine their effectiveness. Due to confidentially requirements associated with the research agreements we cannot list your names, but you know who you are.


Martin, J. E., Van Dycke, J., D'Ottavio, M., & Nickerson, K. (2007). The student-directed summary of performance: Increasing student and family involvement in the transition planning process. CDEI, 30, pp. 13-27.


© University of Oklahoma, 2007.