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Whose Future Is It Anyway?

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Whose Future Is It Anyway? 2nd Edition

A Student-Directed Transition Planning Process

Whose Future Is It Anyway? helps prepare students for their IEP meetings and gain self-determination skills through six sections that contain 36 lesson sessions.

This lesson package comes with a Coach's Guide (PDF) that outlines the lessons, how to teach them, the roles of the students and teachers, as well as expected outcomes.

Section 1: Getting to know you

Session 1: The planning meeting

Session 2: Choosing people to attend

Session 3: Your preferences & interests

Session 4: Disabilities

Session 5: Your unique learning needs

Session 6: Supports

Section 2: Making Decisions

Session 7: Introduction to DO IT!

Session 8: Steps 1 & 2 of DO IT!

Session 9: Steps 3 & 4 of DO IT!

Session 10: Using DO IT!

Session 11: Real life stories to use DO IT!

Session 12: Giving informed consent

Section 3: How to Get What You Need

Session 13: Community resources in your plan

Session 14: Community resources for work

Session 15: Community resources for more school

Session 16: Community resources for living

Session 17: Community resources for fun

Session 18: Community resources you want

Section 4: Goals, Objectives and the Future

Session 19: Identifying goals in your plan

Session 20: Identifying goals for work

Session 21: Identifying goals for more school

Session 22: Identifying goals for living

Session 23: Identifying goals for fun

Session 24: Keeping track of your goals

Section 5: Communicating

Session 25: Communicating in small groups

Session 26: Body language and assertiveness

Session 27: Advocating and appealing

Session 28: Timing and persuasion

Session 29: Keeping your ideas out there

Session 30: Listening and the team

Section 6: Thank You, Honorable Chairperson

Session 31: Different kinds of meetings

Session 32 Steps to planning a meeting

Session 33: Being a good team member

Session 34: Managing the meeting

Session 35: Session 1-18 review

Session 36: Sessions 19-34 review

Dr. Michael Wehmeyer of the University of Kansas provided permission to make this package available for no charge (Whose Future Is it Anyway? Permission Letter).