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Center for Leadership Ethics and Change


Making a difference
locally, nationally
and around the world.

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OU Center for Leadership Ethics and Change

The OU CLEC is an affiliate of the Consortium for the Study of Leadership and Ethics in Education (CSLEE) of the University Council for Educational Administration (UCEA), a global association of faculty and research associates representing eight international university-based centers and institutes devoted to the support, promotion and dissemination of theory, research, and practice on values and leadership.

The Center’s vision is to foster a high standard in the practice and study of ethical educational administration and leadership at all levels by fostering close links among those concerned with understanding the role played by values and ethics in the improvement of educational administration and leadership in the United States and internationally.

The Center’s primary mission is to engage with both university-based and PK-12 practitioner initiatives that support its vision.

"The things in civilization we most prize are not of ourselves. They exist by grace of the doings and sufferings of the continuous human community in which we are a link. Ours is the responsibility of conserving, transmitting, rectifying, and expanding the heritage of values we have received that those who come after us may receive it more solid and secure, more widely accessible and more generously shared than we have received it."

– John Dewey
A Common Faith
, 1934