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Current and Past Initiatives

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Current and Past Initiatives

The annual CSLEE Values and Leadership Conference

The OU Center for Leadership Ethics and Chanve provides executive leadership to the CSLEE board of directors, and through its work the fall conference stands out as the most tangible evidence of our scholarship and creative professional work in the field.  Since the summer of 1996, a considerable amount of intellectual momentum has developed in the field of values and ethics within the United States, Canada and worldwide.

Center co-sponsored Endowed Lectures delivered at the University of Oklahoma

The purpose of the JRCoE Endowed Lectureship is to provide financial assistance to host a local, national or international scholar on campus to present their work.

Relationship with the Oklahoma State Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights

Engagement with a Report of the Oklahoma Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, Civil Rights and the School-to-Prison Pipeline in Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights submits this report regarding the civil rights impact of school discipline and juvenile justice policies in the state, which may lead to high rates of juvenile incarceration in what has become known as the “school to prison pipeline.” The Committee submits this report as part of its responsibility to study and report on civil rights issues in the state of Oklahoma.

Values and Ethics in Educational Administration Journal

Actively publishing since September 2002, the Journal welcomes submissions for blind peer review.

Consultation on the annual Emancipatory Education Conference sponsored in part by The Poiesis Forum and Creative Oklahoma

What is emancipatory education? Emancipatory education frees students and educators to imagine a better world and work towards making that world possible with their head, their heart, and their hands. What is the purpose of the EEC? We believe that everyone’s voice matters in the conversation about education and that we are better together. The EEC is a space to connect with others, to collaborate on new ideas, and to make a better world for our kids and our communities.