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Professional Counseling Admissions

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Professional Counseling Master's Program Admissions


Apply to Professional Counseling master's program

Admission Requirements

You will be asked to provide official transcripts and remit an application fee in addition to providing the following required documents during the application process.

·         Personal statement

·         Provide contact information for 3 recommendations

·         Copies of all transcripts

·         Vita/Resume

·         On-campus group interview (see below)

Counseling program faculty evaluate each application on specific criteria, including GRE scores, grade point averages, personal statement, and letters of recommendation. After review and consideration of these materials, selected applicants will be invited for an on-campus group interview, comprising of 10-12 applicants in a group. The group interview will be facilitated by up to two counseling faculty, and is informal in nature. Applicants will be given the opportunity to talk about themselves and their aspirations about being future counselors

***The Professional Counseling Program consists of 45 semester hours leading to the Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree. The program meets most of the requirements for becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). It is important to note, however, that Oklahoma, along with most other states, requires 60 semester hours of coursework for the LPC. Students seeking licensure must take 15 credit hours of additional coursework concurrently with program requirements or after completing the degree.

Admissions related questions can be directed to the College of Education Graduate Programs Support Office at 405-325-4525 or send an email to