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Graduate Certificate in Applications of Educational Research and Evaluation

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Graduate Certificate: Applications of Educational Research and Evaluation


The Instructional Psychology and Technology (IPT) program at the University of Oklahoma has a fully online graduate certificate in Applications of Educational Research and Evaluation. The certificate can be taken alone or in conjunction with a graduate degree. The certificate consists of four graduate classes that will provide a strong foundation in the techniques for conducting evaluation research. Most large national grants have an evaluation component and this series of online graduate course will help people develop the skills and credential needed to conduct these evaluations. The certificate is designed for two audiences: 1) people with undergraduate and graduate degrees with interest in conducting evaluations for grant funded projects and/or educational programs and 2) students who might want a graduate degree in Educational Psychology/Instructional Psychology and Technology (IPT), but are not sure. This second audience will be able to walk away with a useful certificate or continue on toward a Master’s Degree.

Certificate sequence

Two courses are offered in the fall:  Introduction to Research and Evaluation (EIPT 5033) and Analysis of Quantitative Data 1 (EIPT 5023). Two courses are offered in the spring Measurement and Evaluation (EIPT 5203) and Program Evaluation (EIPT 6073). With the exception of Program Evaluation which should be taken last (or in conjunction with measurement), there is no preferred order. Students can either finish in a single year, if they take two courses a semester, or in two years, if they take a single course at a time.

Online Courses and Semesters Offered

Course Number



EIPT 5033

Introduction to Research & Evaluation


EIPT 5023

Analysis of Quantitative Data 1


EIPT 5203

Measurement and Evaluation

EIPT 6073

Program Evaluation



For more information contact Dr. Ben Heddy (; 405-325-5974) or Dr. Maeghan Hennessey (; 405-325-3574).

To apply please see the OU graduate college admissions page,