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Educational Psychology

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Educational Psychology

The Educational Psychology emphasis in the Instructional Psychology and Technology program is intended to prepare students for leadership positions in their current work setting or in a new setting in which expertise in the psychological foundations of learning and instruction is required. It is particularly well-suited to educators seeking to strengthen their instructional effectiveness. The requirements are as follows:

Total hours required: THESIS = 30 hours; Thesis research = 6 hours; NON-THESIS = 36 hours

Required Courses (18 hours)

EIPT 6143 – Instructional Development

EIPT 5033 – Introduction to Research and Evaluation in Education

EIPT 5203 – Assessment and Evaluation in Education and Counseling

EIPT 5023 – Analysis of Quantitative Data I

EIPT 5533 – Introduction to Instructional Technology

EIPT 5183 – Motivation and Learning in the Classroom

Electives (12-18 hours) Chosen from among the following with advisor approval:

Psychological Foundations

EIPT 6153 – Motivation and Emotion

EIPT 6183 – Cognition and Instruction

Research Methods

EIPT 6213 – Instrument Development

EIPT 6023 – Analysis of Quantitative Data II

EIPT 6043 – Qualitative Research Methods I

EIPT 6203 – Advanced Measurement Theories

Instructional Design and Technology

EIPT 6503 – Design of Text-Based Instruction

EIPT 6163 – Instructional Design II

EIPT 6423 – Web-Based Instruction

EIPT 6313 – Multimedia Design and Development for Learning

EIPT 6343 – Instructional Design Theories, Models, and Strategies

EIPT 6523 – Visual Literacy for Educational Media Production