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Alumni Testimonials

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What Our Alumni Are Saying

If you love to learn and love to teach, I feel like this fills this bucket.

-Regina Kenton, 2017 M.Ed.
Instructional Designer for the North Institute for Teaching and Learning at Oklahoma Christian University

I think the biggest thing [that differentiates OU] is it's a research educational institute. Adding your brick to the wall of knowledge. They come together really excited to help you find something that is of interest but that will result in some research that is valuable.

-Rita Murray, 1999 M.Ed., 2012 Ph.D.
Owner, Performance Consulting, LLC

I think highly of the OU IPT program, and the career outlook is great. The world has started to recognize it as a thing. There's a bright outlook.

-Bryan Guo, 2010 M.Ed.

It's really practical and applicable, doesn't shoehorn you into a situation of "this is the one thing I'm really good at now." One where there's a job waiting at the end of it. There are things you can do unique to this degree at the other end.

-Matthew Reyes, 2017 Ph.D.
University of Oklahoma, College of Architecture

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the program because it allowed me to focus on what I really wanted to get my PhD in, which was pedagogy and motivation.

-Robin Roberson, 2014 Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, East Central University