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Graduate Certificates

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Graduate Certificates in Special Education

A graduate certificate represents completion of a set of courses that provides mastery of a specific area of knowledge. A graduate certificate indicates an advanced, focused inquiry into a defined area of study and is recorded on the student’s transcript. For a degree student, a graduate certificate may indicate an area of specialization; for a professional, a graduate certificate may provide evidence of special expertise. In the Special Education program, we offer three graduate certificates:

·       Fundamentals of Special Education (recommended for OSDE Bootcamp students)
·       Secondary Transition Education Specialist
·       Applied Behavior Analysis

Applying to a Graduate Certificate Program

All students who intend to pursue a graduate certificate must complete the online application for graduate admissionThe certificates in the Fundamentals of Special Education and Secondary Transition Education Specialist may be applied for in the student’s first semester of coursework. In order to apply for the certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis, the student must first receive a grade of an A or B in the first two courses in the Applied Behavior Analysis sequence.

A student who is admitted to a graduate degree program is not automatically granted admission to associated graduate certificate programs (including embedded certificates such as an emphasis area). Students enrolled in a graduate degree program who intend to pursue a graduate certificate must apply to add the graduate certificate program.

Students admitted solely to graduate certificate programs:

·       are not candidates for a degree
·       are not assured future admission to a degree program
·       are not eligible for financial aid
·       are limited to the maximum number of hours required for the graduate certificate

For information about graduate certificate admissions, visit the Office of Graduate Admissions.

For additional academic policies regarding graduate certificate programs and requirements, see the Graduate College Bulletin.

Note: Under INS regulations, international students may not be eligible to apply solely for a graduate certificate. Students should contact the International Student Services office at (405) 325-3337 for additional information regarding regulations for international students.