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Master of Special Education with an emphasis in Fundamentals

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Master’s Degree in Special Education with an Emphasis in Fundamentals of Special Education

The Master’s in Special Education with a concentration in the Fundamental of Special Education prepares students to become Special Education teachers. Most students work full time and take courses each semester in the late afternoon and evening during the week. A limited number of courses are offered during the summer semester.

The basic program is designed for individuals with limited prior experience in Special Education or who have attended the OSDE Bootcamp program.

Students complete the core set of Special Education Master’s degree coursework, along with a set of fundamentals courses. The Master’s degree in Special Education with an emphasis in Fundamentals is a 33-credit-hour program.

All courses within this program are delivered either via a blended format (with the option to meet face-to-face or via a video conferencing platform) or a 100% distance-learning format.

Required Core Courses for M.Ed. (18 hours)
EDSP 5143: Applied Behavior Analysis in School
EDSP 5163: Collaboration, Accommodations and Modifications
EDSP 5183: Advanced Assessment
EDSP 6123: Contemporary Issues/Research
EDSP 5013: Special Education Instructional Methods and Programs

(Choose one of the following)
EIPT  5033: Introduction to Research and Evaluation in Education
EDSP 6023: Single Case Research Design

    If writing a Thesis:
    EDSP 5980: Thesis Research (consult advisor)

Required Course for the Fundamentals certificate
EDSP 5413: Education of Exceptional Children

Recommended Fundamentals Electives

EDSP 5093: Transition and Self-Determination
EDSP 5063: Issues & Strategies in a Functional Curriculum
Two Guided Electives chosen with an advisor