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Transition ABA Scholars

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Transition ABA Scholars Master's Degree Program

Special Education Graduate Students

Obtain a master’s degree in Special Education with an emphasis in secondary transition education and applied behavior analysis. This program contains a ABAi verified course sequence in applied behavior analysis.

Upon graduation, students will receive OU Graduate College Certificates in Secondary Transition Education and Applied Behavior Analysis in addition to a master's degree.


• Each year approximately eight Transition ABA Scholar,s who are U.S. citizens, will receive a $20,000 award. The funds will be distributed each semester over two years to cover the cost of tuition, fees, texts, materials and other expenses.
• An additional $1,000 is provided in travel monies to attend national conferences focused on both transition education and applied behavior analysis (i.e. Council for Exceptional Children, Division on Career Development & Transition, Applied Behavior Analysis International)
• For each year of financial support, Transition ABA Scholars must work two years with students with disabilities.

• Cohorts will be selected for five years (2016-2020).


Students will complete a 36-hour degree plan of graduate coursework and obtain a master’s degree in special education, plus two Graduate College Certificates in Secondary Transition Education and Applied Behavior Analysis.


ABA Sequence (4th Edition Task List, 5th Edition to start Fall 2020)
EDSP 5143    Applied Behavior Analysis in School Settings (Fall)
EDSP 6023    Single Case Research Design (Spring)
EDSP 5243    Applied Behavior Analysis II (Spring)
EDSP 5343    Applied Behavior Analysis III (Fall)
EDSP 5443    Ethical & Professional Conduct of Behavior Analysts (Summer)

Transition Sequence
EDSP 5093     Transition and Self-Determination (Fall)
EDSP 5193     Postsecondary Education and Employment (Spring)
EDSP 5293     Transition-Based Assessment (Fall)
S WK 5293     Direct Practice with Diverse Student, Disabilities, & Transition (Summer)
EDSP 5393     Transition Practicum

M.Ed. Special Education Sequence
EDSP 5163    Collaboration, Accommodations, and Modification (Fall)
EDSP 5013    Special Education Instructional Methods and Programs (Summer)

**Students may enroll in either (a) traditional courses in an OU-Norman classroom or (b) online courses delivered synchronously with the Norman-based students. The synchronous online format enables students to participate in real-time class via videoconferencing with all students (traditional and online) enrolled in the course.

Special Education Graduate Students Teaching


Applications due February 1 for fall admission.
• The master’s degree in Special Education DOES NOT require the GRE or MAT.
• Go to the OU Graduate College website to complete the on-line application:

• Be prepared to provide contact information for three letters of recommendation.
• For application assistance or problem solving, contact the College of Education Graduate Programs Support Office at 405-325-4525 or send an email to

For More Information Contact:

Headshot of Kendra Williams-Diehm

Kendra Williams-Diehm, Ph.D.


A grant from the U.S. Department of Education, #H325K150210, provides the funding for the Transition ABA Scholars award. This content does not necessarily represent the policy of the U.S. Department of Education, and you should not assume endorsement by the Federal Government. Project Officer, Selete Avoke, Ph.D.