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Bachelor of Science in Special Education

The four-year Bachelor of Science in Special Education consists of 124 semester hours of courses (not including remedial coursework or the two required semesters of college-level Foreign Language coursework), field experiences, and two student teaching internships. The documents below contain specific information about the undergraduate Special Education Program.

Special Education Degree Sheet
    o   General Education Requirements: 55 Hours
    o   Professional Education Requirements: 25 Hours

    o   Specialized Education Requirements: 44 Hours

Special Education Four-Year Plan-of-Study (second page)
    o   This plan indicates when the coursework should be completed and when Special
         Education courses are scheduled.

Becoming Highly Qualified Teacher in Early Childhood, Elementary, or Secondary Education
To be considered a “Highly Qualified Teacher” under the State of Oklahoma standards, students should prepare to take a certification test in at least one general education area (early childhood, elementary, secondary subject area) and are encouraged to take additional courses as electives to prepare for these certification areas. Early Childhood and Elementary certification may be added on after the student has been traditionally certified in Special Education and passed the corresponding OSAT for the general education area. Secondary subject areas may also be added on after passing the corresponding OSAT.

Early in their programs, students should discuss their career goals with their advisor to plan appropriate coursework and field experiences. More information can be found at the Certification Examination for Oklahoma Educators website. To obtain more information about Early Childhood, Elementary, and Secondary certification and appropriate coursework, download the “Highly Qualified”(PDF) document and discuss career plans with your education academic advisor.