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Non Thesis Option

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Educational Administration Curriculum & Supervision M.Ed. Non-Thesis Option

Major Core / Required Courses (27 hours):

    EACS 5233 Organization of Education

    EACS 5343 Financial Leadership in Schools

    EACS 5543 School Level Instructional Leadership

    EACS 6403 Inquiry for Performance Improvement

    EACS 5573 Supervision of Instruction

    EACS 5243 Education and the Law

    EACS 5693 Technology in Educational Administration

    EACS 5333 Politics in Educational Administration

    EACS 5920 Principal Internship

Elective Courses (9 hours):

      Non EACS courses should be approved in advance by the faculty advisor

Note:  The official degree checklist is available through the OU Graduate College website:
            (Norman campus and Online/Blended)

Master's degree other requirements:

  1. B.S. in Education or equivalent for admission. Students must have 12 hours of prerequisite courses in Education. Students without the necessary prerequisites are expected to fulfill those requirements. Additional courses may be required depending upon the area of certification and the area of study.
  2. Completion of at least 36 credit hours for the non-thesis program, 30 hours for the thesis program.
  3. 75% of course credits taught by OU Graduate Faculty.
  4. 25% of course credits may be transfer credit.
    (Exception: If courses taken via Oklahoma Higher Education Televised Instructional System, 50% may be transferred from OSU and/or University of Tulsa).
  5. No graduate credit may be earned through correspondence courses, but such work may be taken to satisfy prerequisites.
  6. Satisfactory completion of a comprehensive examination for students in a non-thesis program (the Comprehensive Portfolio).
  7. A 3.0 (B) or better GPA both in graduate coursework  and in all coursework attempted.
  8. At least 50% of all coursework must be letter-graded.
  9. All work completed within five calendar years
  10. Satisfy the program requirements for major core, foundation core, and other required courses and electives.

M.Ed. admission procedures

In addition to the general requirements for all M.Ed. programs in EACS, students electing the non-thesis option must successfully complete the following proscribed coursework, and successfully complete a comprehensive examination (the Comprehensive Portfolio).


The successful preparation and defense of a Comprehensive Portfolio is required for the non-thesis option in Educational Administration, Curriculum and Supervision.