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Graduate Assistantships

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Graduate Assistantships

There are Graduate Assistantships (GA) and Research Assistantships (RA) available throughout the university. Following are some information that students of all emphases are welcome to apply to the available positions unless the positions have specifically required a certain emphasis or degree program. For more detailed information, please visit the following links:

GA in Student Affairs
Students who are interested in applying for a GA positions in Student Affairs or another student service area such as Alumni Association, Graduation Office, or the Graduate College may click on the link below for more detailed information:

GA in Athletic Department
IAA Graduate Students are able to apply for paid graduate assistantships in the OU Athletics Department.
 Please visit for available Graduate Assistant positions within the Athletics Department. The deadline for Summer/Fall positions is mid-March while the deadline for Spring positions is October 1.

Other GA positions available throughout campus
In addition to the above listings, there are also different GA or RA positions available throughout university. For further information about other positions, please click on the following link: