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Leadership Presentation on “Sensitivity Essentials for Volunteers” 

We are proud to share the recent academic accomplishments and recognitions of one of our esteemed project members, Professor Brenda Lloyd-Jones. Her contributions to the fields of leadership and diversity are helping to shape best practices and stimulate insightful discussions across various sectors.

Recent Publications

Lloyd-Jones, B., Bass, L., Jean-Marie, G. & Byrd, M. Y. (2024). Gender and diversity in the workforce. In M. Byrd and C. Scott (Eds.), Diversity in the Workforce (pp. 81-106). Routledge.

Lloyd-Jones, B., Worley, J. A., & Byrd, M. Y. (2024) Generational differences in the workforce. In M. Byrd and C. Scott (Eds.), Diversity in the Workforce (pp. 188-208). Routledge.

Lloyd-Jones, B. (2024, January 27). Be wise when ending relationships out of self-care: Opinion. Tulsa World. Retrieved from

Recent Recognition

Lloyd-Jones, B. (2023). Sensitivity Essentials for Community Volunteers: A leadership presentation. The Junior League of Tulsa, Inc. Tulsa, OK