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2021 KEY Conference

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PD Madness

2021 KEY Conference

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The KEY Conference PD Madness supports PK-12 teachers across the state, led by faculty and graduate students in the Jeannine Rainbolt College of Education.

**There is NO COST to attend!**

Attendees at each session will receive a certificate for 75 minutes of professional development.

Attendees at each session will be entered into a raffle. The session raffle winner will advance into a raffle for the day vs. the other session winner. That winner will advance into the semifinal raffle, with the winner of each semifinal advancing to the final. The final raffle will take place after the last session on March 27.

Day/TimeSession Title
March 6 / 9-10:15 a.mLearn with Legislators

Presenters: Kate Raymond; Libby Ethridge; Rep. Melissa Provenzano; Rep. Jacob Rosecrants; Rep.John Waldron; Sen. Carrie Hicks

Come engage in dialogue with Oklahoma legislators from across the state of Oklahoma. Hear about the legislative bills that may impact schools and children and how you can get involved in advocating for the needs of schools, children, parents, and teachers. All are welcome; questions are encouraged!

Raffle winner: Madison Auld, Wewoka Elementary School, Wewoka  

March 6 / 10:30-11:45 a.m.

Using Translation Apps with Dual Language Learners


Presenters: Vickie Lake; Boo Young Lim

Would you like to have better and more meaningful communication with Dual Language Learners and/or their families? Have you thought about using translation apps? Join us to learn about three different translation apps, how you might use them in your classroom, how to introduce the apps to young children, and how to use them with families. The three apps we will focus on are Speak & Translate (Apple only), Google Translate, and Microsoft Translation. Feel free to download them on your mobile device or tablet before the session begins.  

Raffle winner: Chiew Gan, Buchanan Elementary School, OKCPS

March 13 / 9-10:15 a.m.

Student Sensemaking Through Meaningful Scientific Talk

Presenter: Heather Shaffery

Do your students struggle to express their ideas in science? Do your class conversations seem to flop? Productive student discussion is an important part of developing deep understanding of concepts in science, but getting students to having meaningful conversations can be challenging. Come learn about practical ways to facilitate productive science talk in your classroom. We will explore purposeful planning for discussion, supportive classroom culture, and tips for scaffolding rich conversations.

Raffle winner: Lori Watson, Apple Creek Elementary, Moore
March 13 / 10:30-11:45 a.m.

Next Steps in Technology Integration


Presenters: Ja’Corie Maxwell; Kate Raymond

The current pandemic has forced educators to use a variety of technology tools to maintain the level of educational learning. However, which tools are actually useful in increasing student learning? Do you have tools that you used once and neglected? Are you frustrated with technology integration in your classroom? Join us as we will be helping you in finding ways to effectively integrate technology in your classroom.

Raffle winner: Krista Tanaka, Plato Elementary, Duncan
March 20 / 9-10:15 a.m.

Writing All the Live Long Day--Adding Rigor to Curriculum through Writing to Learn


Presenters: Oklahoma Writing Project/Audra Plummer

Join this session to learn how to incorporate writing across the curriculum  Participants will experience quick writing activities to be used in various content areas to strengthen writing skills.  Activities can be adapted to across grade bands and with all types of learners.   Participants. will discuss how to incorporate into existing classroom curriculums and how each one aligns to Oklahoma Academic Standards.   Everyone will leave with a new idea!

Raffle winner: Candace Hinnergardt, Moore High School
March 20 / 10:30-11:45 a.m.

Dreamland Burning


Presenters: Kristy Brugar; Crag Hill

During this session, we will share classroom lesson plans around the novel Dreamland Burning (Latham, 2017). Set in 1921 and present-day Tulsa, this novel allows us to explore issues of race, gender, and master narratives. Participants model classroom-tested strategies effective in English and US History classes.

Raffle Winner: Ashley Thompson, Little Axe High School
March 27 / 9-10:15 a.m.

Expanding our understanding: The importance of representation in STEM


Presenters: Kristen Shelton

Advances in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) endeavors are dependent on collaborative efforts. These efforts are strengthened by the inclusion of unique voices and perspectives. As STEM initiatives play a role in most aspects of life, they should include input from all communities whose lives are impacted by those initiatives. Although there has been a continued push for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts, little progress has been made in overall representation. Through critical examination of our perceptions, biases, and identities, of ourselves and our communities, we can continue to break down barriers that contribute to continued exclusion in STEM in and out of the classroom.

Meeting ID: 921 1964 5660
Passcode: 06275620

March 27 / 10:30-11:45 a.m.

Become a Play Warrior!

Please take this pre-event survey:

Presenters: Erin Casey; Courtney Dewhirst

Play is essential for the healthy cognitive, emotional, and physical development of all humans, especially for young children; yet, opportunities for play may not always be supported in teaching settings. Teachers should be on the forefront of advocacy for play. In this session, you will learn to be a defender of play by gearing yourself with the tools of play: knowledge about its benefits for development and well-being, understanding the connection between play, creativity, and the brain, experiencing play yourself (during the Zoom session!), and learning about easy play strategies for differing groups of students. Please be sure to respond to the survey we will send out ahead of the presentation so that we can better plan your experiences in this session.

During the session, we will have a small time for self-active play where you will play in your own space with us on Zoom. For that time, please gather together some of the following items: sticks & stones, cardboard, wooden blocks, fabric, yarn, foam, bottle tops, driftwood pieces, buttons, beads, pine cones, paint & brushes, tape, glue, etc.... anything that can engage your mind, hands, and heart! Thank you!

Meeting ID: 918 7836 1294
Passcode: 48152297