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Terry Pace

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Terry M. Pace

Terry M. Pace

Department: Educational Psychology
Program Area: Professional Counseling
Phone: 405-325-1480


I am a licensed counseling psychologist and have served as a faculty member for the past 24 years at OU and OUHSC. I am retiring from OU as of December 2013 and will continue to work full time as a psychologist with Oklahoma Heart Hospital. One of my interests has always been in health psychology and I began my career at OUHSC working in family medicine and pediatrics, so in some ways my career has come full circle with my return to full time health psychology practice. Another of my interests has been the integration of science and practice in psychology and I get to put this into practice every day working in a multidisciplinary health care system. At OU this interest was fulfilled for many years when I served as Director of the OU Counseling Psychology Clinic where I found great reward in training students to use science as one of the core foundations for effective psychological practice. I hope to teach an occasional course at OU in future years and perhaps work with students as interns at Oklahoma Heart Hospital.


Research Interests:

  • Cardiac Psychology
  • Stress, Depression, Pain and Health
  • Multi and Inter Disciplinary Collaboration
  • Ecological Psychology
  • Multicultural Psychology